Stealth Metal Recycling and Processing values the loyalty and commitment our customer’s provide.  In turn, we have created a rewards program to show our appreciation and provide an opportunity to give something back.  For every dollar of scrap material our customers sell us, they will earn 1 point.  We have 7 different prize intervals that reflect a certain point total.  As your points accumulate, they can be cashed in at any time, or you can keep accumulating until you reach the final level.  Each level contains at least 2 different prizes to choose from.  Points can accrue for up to 1 year.  Each customer will start from zero points on January 1 of each year.  We will also have a monthly draw for our customers.  For every sale you make to us during that month, you will receive one ballot for our monthly draw.

LEVEL 1  -  500 POINTS


• 1 pair of gloves or

• 1 pair of safety glasses

LEVEL 2  -  1500 POINTS


• Stealth Hat or

• 10.00 dollar Tim Horton's  gift card

LEVEL 5  -  10,000 POINTS


• Stealth Carhart Jacket or

• 75 dollar Princess Auto gift card, Stealth hoodie or

• 75 dollar Fuel card, Stealth hoodie

LEVEL 3  -  2500 POINTS


• Stealth hoodie or

• 25.00 dollar Princess Auto gift card

LEVEL 4  -  5000 POINTS


• 50 dollar fuel card or

• Stealth hoodie and hat or

• 50 dollar Canadian Tire gift card

LEVEL 6  -  15,000 POINTS


• 100 fuel card, Stealth hoodie and hat or

• 100 dollar Canadian Tire gift card, Stealth hoodie and hat

LEVEL 7  -  20,000 POINTS


• 16mb IPad Touch or

• 75 dollar fuel card, 75 dollar Princess Auto gift card, Stealth hoodie and hat