Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do you offer pick-up service?


A. Yes. We have roll off container and lugger box services available.  These services are mainly geared towards our commercial and industrial accounts.  However, special         arrangements can be made for site specific requirements.


Q. What do I need in order to sell you my scrap material?


A. Everyone in Ontario wishing to sell scrap material needs to be at least 18 years of age and must be able to produce a valid form of picture identification. (ie. Ontario drivers license, age of majority card, status card)


Q. Can you pick up old cars and trucks?


A. Yes.  We provide a pick-up service for all scrap automobiles.  We also provide pick-up and cleanup services for farms and construction sites.  Please note that prices are adjusted according to the scale of the job.


Q. What form of payment can I expect for my scrap?


A. All non- industrial/commercial  customers  will be paid cash on the spot.  All industrial and commercial accounts will be paid via cheque unless otherwise negotiated.


Q.  Is there somebody there to help me unload my truck or trailer?


A. Our full-time staff is available during working hours  to assist  with the offload of your material.  Our extensive inventory of equipment allows us to unload your material in an efficient and safe manner.